Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OLYMPHIART09 kembali lagi!ayuh~


olymphiart09 is back!it will be held in april.among d events that will take place are:
  • futsal
  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • tarik tambang
  • tenis meja
  • badminton
  • lari
  • human chess
  • vg
  • band
  • jadol (jatinangor idol, i think :D)
  • fotografi
  • filem pendek
  • masak
  • masquarade
  • debat
  • amazingrace
  • komik
  • blog
  • karya tulis
  • cosplay

to those who are interested, plz kindly submit ur names to mohd farid as soon as possible.n also for more info (like,what is vg n tariktambang?huhu~), contact mohd farid.he'd be more than delighted to help out. =P



p/s : newly added in LINKS are fantastixx website n also MMC website.d latter is most advised to visit as theres much info regarding us in malaysia.enjoy~

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