Saturday, June 27, 2009

happy holidays!


so,exams finally over.ramai g jalan2.x kurang yg pulang ke malaysia (mcm ramai pdhl 2 org je kot).hehe~dan kpd yg x pg jln2 enjoy hols as much as u enjoy es mangga kat tripleA.hehe~happy hols!!!

t8 cr!

p/s:kpd yg g jln2 jg diri.
p/s2:jgn lupa judicium on july 2nd.
p/s3:rest&relax b4 remedial.2nd yr's judicium is on 29 kn?kl xslp.or rsny by then dh tau jadual lh plan n bl ticket to fly home.someone tlg update k.

Monday, June 22, 2009

SPOTTED: Y is getting to know FB

ko mimpi apa o9 nih?
pinjam laptop awang
men pirate kt fb
ko level bp?
br jek bkk men td
aq men awang nye fb

:emoticon kagum:
add aq
aq tgk dulu
nnt pas exam men

so,bila lg Y?ktorg dh lm tunggu ni.

u know u love me. XOXO.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

osce la pulak


this stuff comes from many source.thankz! to minah,awang seniors dll.n they r from previous years ny krg pandai2 la bt ptimbangan sniri.oke.

ni yg dh nek for 2 consecutive years:
  • ECG normal
  • ECG abnormal (ada yg kt either MI or enlargement shj,no arrhythmia)
  • traction
  • suturing
  • IM injection (gluteus maximus n mannequin yg buzz bl slh cucuk)
yg lg 2 ni additional but nmpk gaya mcm wjb jgklah:
  • HT CVS
  • HT HIS anemia/bleeding/malignancy
kn ada a few cases,so da akn naik cyanosis eg. chest pain.n d probability is dia akn tukar d case for each day.

ni adalah sisa2 yg TINGGI kbarangkalian akn naik:
  • Sahli method
  • CPR peds
  • WBC differential count OR
  • WBC count
  • PE ENT: akn dpt real patient.kl last yr they hv to check whether perforated ear ke x.ramai fail sbb diagnosis careful
  • HT dermatology OR
  • PE dermatology
  • wound toilet & debridement
  • HT allergic OR
  • PE allergic
  • PE of heart:last yr JVP
dats kind of REMINDER di sini bahawasanya ni smua bdsrkn previous years.n i dont warrant case nek 1st day leh exclude utk 1st 5 tu insyaAllah mmg utk everyday.akhir kata,slmt study-goodluck- dan jmpk lg jumaat nnt!hehe~

t8 cr!

p/s:anyone with any info plz add,correct or whatever u ve to do.
p/s2:kpd yg dh ada planning nk g jenjalan ke blk ke aftr remedial osce,igt PASS ur OSCEs leh enjoy.XP
p/s3:n kl aq or sesapa rajin silalah update esok n d next day.hehe~
p/s4:just fight for all As for OSCE!thats all FK asked from us.XD

Monday, June 08, 2009

so0cA:1st day was okay

yeah,as we all knew,td just 2 case je for so0ca:
  1. iron deficiency anemia (HIS)
  2. bilateral cleft lip and palate and polydactyl of right hand (DMS)
from what i heard,this is what happened,korg yg 2nd day,just prepare je la for d worst case scenario k?
  • bdk2 yg shift 1 td ada yg xckup masa.cuz pg2 lg,br nk setup,korg prepare je la sp2 yg shift 2nd day shud be better la kn.
  • nnt korg msk je blk with all those papers still in hand doctor akn ckp you have 2ominutes from now.xdkla da ckp bl korg msk blk, dia kira time dh,korg kn cpt2 la hang smua kertas tu.n start ur presentation.jgn buang masa.n time pn ikut lecturer gk.i only had 15minutes je td.doc bg 15 minutes,korg pndai2 la.n rsnya smua blk ada magnet kt whiteboard tu lekatkan ur flip ats table ada ja masking tape kl d magnet doesnt work.btw,xdk whiteboard kcik yg ada kaki tu.
  • utk case synopsis yg mrkh da 5 kot (xigt.hehe~).korg ckp cmni,hafal script ni.myb ramai yg dh tau tp bt yg blum, hafal n say this as ur first sentence after introducing urslef.hehe~ "the diagnosis of our patient is _______ because from PE he has ______.from lab exam he has _________ n from xray/ecg/etc he has _____________."lps tu start dgn basic science.ok?
  • oh,td ktorg delay 30minutes.kiranya,supposedly i was in shift 8 yg spttny start at td msk at 1130.xtau la esk mcm mn.shud be no problem kot.
  • korg akn dipanggil kat a5.preparation at kt ny skills lab area.preparation 3ominutes.exam kt a53.tutrial room.
  • pstu td smua org kn kuarantin.even org yg 1st shift yg start at 730am pn kna tunggu smpai around 130 td.kuarantin kt lab com a52.u were asked earlier to leave ur HP in ur bags ms preparation kt skills,korg akn sgt bosan kt dlm tu.u might as well bw bntl n tilam.bosan,no internet.having told this,korg pkr la apa nk bt ek.=P
  • as usual,yes ur marks depend on d doctors dat evaluate u.cant help u with dat.just do ur best really prepared.
  • oh, n td yg case cleft lip n palate tu with polydactyly of right finger.d point is da cmpr case with another minor case (xtaula minor ke ada org ckp mmg doctor dh ckp pn akn ada case tu with cleft lip n i didnt hear any of,lps ni kl sp2 tau pa2 spread je la ur friends).tp for tomorrow xtaula whether da akan bt cmtu gk ke x.just,kl ada jgn tkejut sesangat la ek.hehe~
  • other than that,result hr ni utk kpbi ok kot.xtau pn result smua org from what ive heard,we are doing fine.ada la yg bias here n its sooca.its designed dat way.huhu~so congrates bg yg dh lepas n scored yg rs2 frust dgn mrkh hr ni,congrates gk,u didnt fail,its just dat u r not perfect.haha~apa2 lah.anyway,xm br start.we have a long way to,dont stop striving.go!go!
  • lg satu,almost terlupa,ada BHP points tau.5mrkh kot.diorg kt explain bout informed consent.hmmn~xtaula kl ada lg yg kn explain.
n this is a special thankz going to our special friend who made today a not-so-hell-ish day.thank you very much k***n & associates (kalo ada la.lum g interview btul2 g.hehe~).lh ke letak nm btul?kl blh ckp ek, nnt aq tulis.huhu~hehe~anyway thankz!

n for yg sooca of lucks!may tonight x black out stengah jam mcm smalam lg n korg leh study comfortably.hehe~

t8 cr!

p/s:hope this post helps.XD
p/s:today was okay maksud dia.its not so great.hehe~huhu~